Saturday, April 28, 2012

What is in Magnum Ice Cream Bar that turned into a Trending Topic @ Social Networking site and almost sold out

Maybe there’s really something that drives people to that craving extraordinaire when they think of Magnum Ice Cream.
What I want to know is, ”what is the difference of Magnum with other regular ice cream brands that we buy in the market?”
Whatever it is, we can’t deny that Magnum has been an international sensation itself. And I cannot believe I have not tried it yet and I am blogging about it.
They say Magnum is an international ice cream that is why it is relatively pricey and popular.

  • Expensive! $4.99 for three bars. I would never buy this without the coupon. I don’t care how good it tastes.
  • Good quality. The chocolate coating is thick and rich.
  • Love the almond/chocolate combo.
  • Okay, maybe it’s a tad too rich.
Right time, right product

And for many Pinoys, Magnum was the wave du jour.
It arrived at the sudden onset of summer, when temperatures rose to 32 degrees.

For those who have traveled to the U.S., Europe and other parts of Asia, it’s a familiar product—Magnum being the biggest global brand of Unilever and having been in the market since the 1987.

Described as “gourmet” ice-cream, Magnum is coated with Belgian chocolate—said to be the best in the world—that’s been formulated to crack into desirable shards to reveal a generous bar of vanilla or chocolate ice cream.