Friday, June 28, 2013

PRC Schedule for NLE for the YEAR 2013

Schedule of Licensure Examinations for Year 2013


Date of ExaminationDeadline in Filing of Application
June 2 and June 3 (Sunday and Monday)Repeaters: March 29, 2013
First-Timers: April 19, 2013
December 7 and 8 (Sunday and Monday)Repeaters: October 11, 2013 First-Timers: October 25, 2013

Applicants may now submit their applications thru the OnLine Application System (OAS) – from homes, offices, schools, internet cafes or computer shops - by logging-on to the PRC Website, The OnLine Application System generates the names and corresponding codes for the schools, the provinces and cities, examinations, examination sites and examination schedules.

Applicants will perform data entry for examination, personal and education information. Applicants with mobile phones or email addresses will receive a message on the receipt of their applications.

After data entry or upon receipt of the message on the successful submission of the applications, applicants may proceed to the nearest PRC Office before the deadline in filing applications for personal identification and to submit the required documents, payment of fees and the issuance of their Notices of Admission (NOA).

Copy of the resolution (moving test dates of 2013 NLE) also disseminated to the concerned offices, divisions and units of the Commission, the Commission of Higher Education (CHED), and all schools, colleges and universities offering the nursing course for their reference.

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