Friday, September 24, 2010

NCLEX Application: Saipan Board of Nursing

Saipan Board of Nursing or Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners accepts NCLEX application with minimal requirements. You can apply and take the NCLEX Test without local (PRC) license, fingerprinting, or CES. Recently, they issue approval of eligibility as early as 1 month.

Here’s the checklist of requirements for Saipan NCLEX Application:

  • Application for examination must be notarized and accompanied by two (2) 2″x2″ size signed photo’s.
  • An official of true copy of birth certificate.
  • RLE or Related Learning Experience form must accompany the Nursing School Program or College transcript.  It must have the school’s seal or the stamp for authentication.  Both forms must be notarized.
  • An official High school transcript must be submitted and notarized.  Must bear the school’s seal or the authentication stamp.
  • Fee.  The fee to take the NCLEX-RN is $110.00 and should be made payable to “CNMI TREASURER”.  Only Cashier’s check drawn from a US bank, US postal Money Order or Cash are the only acceptable form of payment. They don’t accept personal checks or drafts from Philippine banks.
Here are the Saipan NCLEX Application Forms that you need:
Processing of your Saipan NCLEX Application could take 1-2 months or even longer depending on the volume of applicants. Saipan will then send you letter of approval/eligibility if you are approved to take the NCLEX. You can then register at Pearsonvue for $200 for the issuance of NCLEX ATT. Then you can schedule and take the NCLEX at any Pearsonvue testing center around the world 

Saipan Board of Nursing has its website now. You can also endorse your Saipan license to other states once you pass the NCLEX. Process your Saipan NCLEX Application now